Ovation Vinyl Siding

Ovation is engineered for strength and durability. The exclusive Snap+Lock+Hold™ Locking System keeps the panels in place, even during high winds. With vivid color throughout and strength across the board, Ovation more than earns its name.

Ovation Triple 3"

A narrow 3" lap siding is a popular choice for many traditional or older style homes. It gives of a historic look and feel to earlier New England homes, and has an overlapping panel that creates a dark shadow line.

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Ovation Double 4"

Traditional Double 4" lap siding gives the historic look of wood clapboard siding, and creates a realistic shadow line where the panels appear to overlap. It is often used for a more traditional look.

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Ovation Double 4.5" Dutch Lap

Dutch Lap panels overlap each other with a shiplap joint and have a unique flat face and cove that creates a narrower reveal line, adding lots of visual interest. The decorative groove improves strength and creates deeper shadow lines.

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Ovation Double 5"

A traditional look and realistic shadow line is portrayed with double 5" lap siding. Includes both strength and durability without sacrificing design.

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Ovation Single 6.5" Traditional Beaded

Single 6.5" beaded lap siding is a style heavily influenced by the American South and the antebellum homes of the early American settlers. It's traditional bead provides an authentic shadow line.

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